Book & Cover Review of "The Karma of Jesus" by Mark Herringshaw

Book Cover Review

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Normally, I start with the book review first, however, this book was one of those cases where the cover seems to reach out to a different audience than that of the writing found on the inside.  First, let me say that I think this cover is VERY eye-catching.  Not only is it vividly bright green – to the point that it might glow-in-the dark – but the contrasting black varnished text and art can’t be missed.  This cover will definitely not be looked past on the shelf due to its lack of color.

By the cover alone, I assumed that the rather cartoonish/simplistic design was reflecting that the author was going to break down the concepts of Karma and Jesus’s ministry in a “Karma/Salvation for Dummies” fashion.  The back cover even features a cartoon likeness of the author – leading potential readers to believe that it will be a simple read and probably humorous.

Although I like, and was attracted to, this book’s cover … I think they have reached out to the wrong audience.

Book Review

It became obvious within a few pages that this was definitely not a humorous tome, and although I found the content of this book to be interesting, it is done in a very rambling and scholarly fashion – not at all in-line with the book’s cover design.  Normally a fast reader, I found that I had to put this very short book down multiple times in order to try and absorb the complexity of the various ideas presented.

The information is packaged within a remembered conversation with a young man who came to see one of the author’s speaking engagements.  Unfortunately, the book became a little confusing – at times the author is remembering actual things said between he and the young man, but it is interspersed with rather lengthy and in-depth research the author quite obviously did after the conversation had sparked his interest in the topic.  The author is seemingly padding a previous conversation he has already had with research and examples he wishes he had known or referred to at the time of the original conversation.  And as readers we are being armed with that information too.

A worthwhile read, that definitely makes you ponder what you believe regarding whether we truly reap what we sow – or if Christ has instead exchanged our unavoidable bad Karma for His perfectly good Karma.

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