Does a Writer Need a Logo?

Maybe the simpler question to answer is, can a writer get by without a logo? The answer would be, yes – you certainly can.  But, … you’ll be working much harder when making a first impression than writers who do have one (just like everyone in every other profession).

 It is very cliche’ but there is definitely a bit of truth hidden in the saying that a picture is worth a 1,000 words.

When you have only moments to make a first impression; any advantage you can get is going to be helpful.  A well-crafted logo can help you appear professional, organized, creative … or even reflect a particular writing specialty that is your niche’.  A logo can do that, before they read a single word about your latest pitch!

 First impressions matter.

In a world where everyone is inundated with too much information on a daily basis, we are left to hope against hope that someone will notice our writing, make the time to read it, and fall in love with it (and then champion it on our behalf to those with the power to say yes or no to its publication.)

 The font choices, colors used, and design style of a logo can say a lot about you – even without using the stereotypical ink pen, quill, book or typewriter that are often-used symbols of the writer’s trade.

Do you consider yourself a chic lit writer? Are you a writer of warm and fuzzy romance? Or, do you go for edgier female topics and handle them with gusto?  You can hint at your writing style with a feminine script font and your choice of color.  A softer pink or rose for a romantic feel vs. a bolder red color choice instantly makes a statement about your style.

Perhaps comedy is your writing genre of choice?  A bright, and vibrant color such as orange, yellow, or shocking pink or green enhance an instant sense of fun being afoot!  Add in a fun (yet readable) font and your logo has made an instant statement on your behalf – even before anyone has had the chance to meet you (or read your query or proposal).

 Tag lines are another part of personal/professional branding to consider for successfully marketing your writing talents.

Note: This post first appeared on the ACFW Indiana chapter’s blog entitled ‘Hoosier Ink’ on June 5, 2010.

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