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"Courting Morrow Little" by Laura Frantz

Courting Morrow Little: A Novel
In Courting Morrow Little, the heroine’s family was brutally torn apart by Shawnee Indians when she was a child. Morrow Little is now of a marriageable age and still attempting to face her fears – both those of her past, and brand new ones in the form of her suitors. With a shortage of young women on the Kentucky frontier Morrow has no shortage of suitors. What she doesn’t have is a lot of time to choose – as her father’s health is failing fast.

I did find that this book had enough unanswered questions and elements of danger to keep me turning the pages. I also enjoyed the historical tidbits provided by the author regarding the various Indian tribes, as well as frontier life details, and historical details about the conflict between the red coats and the blue coats (plus their shaky Indian alliances.)

However, despite this being a fast-paced read, and being filled with interesting historical detail, the story itself contained a few too many coincidences to be believable. I would only rate this book at about 3.5 stars. The characters and dialogue are intriguing but I felt the plot needed a few less coincidences to make me a completely satisfied reader.

Book Cover Review

The cover is very fitting for a historical romance. The period dress, and beautiful heroine in a wilderness backdrop are fairly standard and the cover would fit in well with others of its genre on the store shelf. I could see adding a little more reference to Indians and military suitors to the front … but the current cover gives less away by leaving them off. Thre is a small canoe on the river that hints of it on the back cover, but it is very subtle and would go unnoticed if you didn’t read the back cover copy.

I also like the pattern that the cover artist has used on the spine, on the dark bar quoting the high rating for Frantz’s debut novel, and as an overlay in the top left corner of the cover. The pattern is both graceful and wild, containing elements of vegetation that seem to mimic the wild landscape of the frontier and the settlers efforts to control it.

* This book released on July 1, 2010 and was provided to me for review by Revell Publishing.

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