Book & Cover Review of "Out Live Your Life" by Max Lucado

Outlive Your Life: You were Made to Make a Difference
Book Review
Have you ever felt like God was hounding you to quit mulling something over in your mind, get off of your keister, and get moving on it?  We all have our own personal list of excuses for not following a call that He may be preparing and motivating us to follow – especially when it comes to ministering to others in a way outside of our normal comfort zone. For me, the two extra proddings I have needed to act came in the form of the current sermon series on Acts being led at my church, and the latest book sent to me for review – “Out Live Your Life” by well-known author Max Lucado.

Reading this book is revitalizing. It beckons you to act. Broken into 16 easily-digestible chapters, featuring scripture references, focused prayer, and a handy discussion and answer guide – it is a good fit for small group study.  If your church needs a little inspiration to either maintain, start up, or revitalize a ministry to others – either in your community, or anywhere around the world – this book, and the related materials would be a wonderful tool.  Max Lucado is very gifted at bringing the recorded words of Jesus, and the stories of the early church into present-day relevancy.  For example, ever imagine what kind of people would be seen as ‘friends’ on Jesus’s FaceBook page? Think about who He hung out with! Loved that one …

I would highly recommend this book to others, especially to those feeling discontent with their lives. There is nothing that will make you feel better than helping others, and ways to do it come in many forms.  The sky’s the limit on where the Spirit might lead you to act after reading this book.

Book Cover Review
The first thing that grabbed my attention about this book’s cover was the choice to not only break apart the word outlive, into two separate words, but to also make the word live vibrant white and the other text a shocking orange.  Not only do you want the echo of your life on earth to have a positive impact on people long after you are gone, but you also want to free yourself to actually ‘LIVE’ the life that God has called you to have. The title style choices made, manage to emphasize so much – in such a simple way.

And although I do note very quickly that the author is the well-known Max Lucado, my eye is actually drawn next to the intriguing character of the young boy on the beach, with his one fist held high in mock victory, sporting swimming goggles over his eyes and wearing his multi-striped beach towel as a super-hero cape.  It evokes a commonality many of us share.  Haven’t we all wanted to be someone else’s hero?  Wouldn’t we secretly want to save the world just like Superman?  (But then the realities push us down don’t they? We can’t fly. No super strength. No x-ray vision … ) This book fosters the desire to band together to do what one person may not be able to accomplish alone.

* This book was provided by Thomas Nelson’s BookSneeze review program.

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