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Book & Cover Review of "A Memory Between Us" by Sarah Sundin

Memory Between Us, A: A Novel (Wings of Glory)
Book Review
At first glance, the plot may sound overly familiar – a cocky WWII pilot falls for a stunningly beautiful army nurse and she resists his advances. But in A Memory Between Us by author Sarah Sundin, there is much more at stake than a war-torn romance. Lieutenant Ruth Doherty is fleeing from more than one secret in her past, and desperately trying to financially support a struggling and separated family of siblings back home in the states. But will temptation lead her down old paths, with whispered reasonings?

Similarly, Major Jack Novak, won’t back down from making the pretty nurse fall for him, even when it is so obviously not what she wants, and possibly not what she needs. Will Jack let his pride get in the way of actually being in love, or becoming the best leader his fellow airmen really need him to be?

This well told story is actually book two in author Sarah Sundin’s series entitled Wings of Glory, published by Revell. I have not read book one, and that did not seem to be a factor in my enjoyment of the story.  I didn’t feel like I had jumped into the middle of the storyline.  This title was enjoyable, filled with true internal struggles, as well as wonderful detail on WWII nursing and aviation life. The author masterfully wove the story and historic detail together to make a very enjoyable book.

Book Cover Review
The cover photo used for this book perfectly fits with the writing inside. The background of an older Euro-style neighborhood … the WWII dress uniforms … even the teasing smile on the faces of the young couple match well with the voices given to the main characters in this novel.  It’s obvious that there is connection, and at least a happy friendship between the two people, but the stiff arm-hold also hints that there is some romantic tension/conflict as well. The choice to show them walking arm in arm instead of in each others arms is (I’m betting) intentional. The character of Ruth Doherty is not that of a young woman pining for love. Jack is bound for much turbulence when trying to woo her heart.

The spine also sports the head shot of the beautiful nurse on the front cover, and with the figures wearing WWII uniforms both the spine and front cover will draw historical readers to pick it up off of the shelves.  The back cover is a little less impressive.  It matches in color and style with the rest of the cover, but largely leaves blank space for text. The tiny plane on the back cover would not draw enough attention on it’s own. Assuming that this book will largely be first seen from the front or the spine, I think this book will still reach its intended audience of Christian historical readers.

* Available September 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. The Book & Cover Reviewer received a free copy of this book without the guarantee of a positive review.

** American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) posted an interview with the author about this series that is very interesting

2 thoughts on “Book & Cover Review of "A Memory Between Us" by Sarah Sundin”

  1. Suzanne -thanks for your lovely review. I'm glad you enjoyed Jack & Ruth's story. I take absolutely no credit for the cover – I just provide the dry info – but I'm so pleased with the result. Revell's art department rocks!


  2. Very much enjoyed the book, Sarah. My husband is a WWII history buff and there were a few aviation sections I read out loud to him that he was enjoying too. I've read books with lots of historical detail that didn't fit into the story line as nicely as this one did. Excellent job!And as for the cover design … I'm also a Graphic Artist so giving educated critiques for covers is one unique thing I can offer as sort of a bonus when I do reviews. This is a nicely done cover. Hope to read Book 3 when it releases …


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