Book & Cover Review of "Patton: The Pursuit of Destiny" by Agostino Von Hassell & Ed Breslin

Patton: The Pursuit of Destiny (The Generals)
Book Review

Actually, my husband and I both read Patton: the Pursuit of Destiny. As a WWII history buff my husband has read other, much larger books on Patton, and on the war in general. He and I both agree that this book is a great introductory book. It gives a nice overview of Patton’s life and his impact on tank warfare and other aspects of the modern war. This book is not specifically Christian, and could be given to anyone with interest in knowing more about this interesting American leader. It does mention the man’s shortcomings, and how they affected his career – which I took as a great testament to perseverance, and the learning of humility when faced with our own bad behaviors.

This, and the other books in this series on The Generals from Thomas Nelson would make great gifts for anyone needing to do a brief biography on a historical figure, or smaller reports on war history. Likely men would be more interested than women, but I did find it interesting to learn more about Patton, and more about his part in WWII.

Book Cover Review

These books are very simply designed. The bright yellow binding and spine, matched with the bright yellow title text add vitality to the otherwise starkly black and white photo on the cover. The choice of photo for Patton is nicely done. The general appears to be amused by something, and looking off to the side as though listening to someone or planning his next move? An active shot, that makes you wonder what the man is thinking, rather than one where he was just standing before the press for a photo…

This is an eye-catching reference book, that fits well within the design of the overall series.

* This book was received from Thomas Nelson’s BookSneeze program for review.

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