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Book & Cover Review of "The House on Malcolm Street" by Leisha Kelly

House on Malcolm Street, The: A Novel
Book Review
The House on Malcolm Street is a sweet tale of how to move on after heartbreak. How to forgive yourself, and to forgive God when we lose everything we hold dear. Although the title suggests that the answer is found at the House on Malcolm Street … I believe the peace that is found by various people within the novel actually comes from the woman who runs the boarding house and her vibrant, yet patient faith. Her love and faith abound far outside the confines of her home. I found the story line a little predictable, but still enjoyable. Set in the 1920’s, the author was able to portray vividly what correspondence, travel, and income issues were like during that time-frame. The writing would appeal most to a female author, with issues of security, loss, anger and fear – for both self and child – setting center stage.

Cover Review
This is an attractive cover, and will draw attention for further inspection. The one flaw I see is that it seems to center heavily on the young girl? To the point that you wonder if she will be the main character … Even on the spine there is a close up of the young child’s face. Not that she isn’t a beautiful child, but since the mother is the main character it seems out of balance. I love the muted golden tones mingled with the pinks of the ladies dresses on the cover. It blends nicely into the serene Fall photo of the old B&B style home in the lower portion of the cover. The colors help to set the time-frame, as do the dresses and the style of suitcase being clutched by the mother. In total, I believe this cover will attract a female audience interested in historicals, but without text to explain they might assume the story was going to be about a lost child, or an adoption … something more centered on the child than it really is.

1 thought on “Book & Cover Review of "The House on Malcolm Street" by Leisha Kelly”

  1. Thanks to another ACFW author I have just learned that this author was killed in an auto accident last night – along with her son. She was only 47, but a very talented lady and I encourage anyone who reads this to send up a prayer for her hurting family … and buy the book if you haven't read it yet!


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