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Book & Cover Review of "A Hope Undaunted" by Julie Lessman

Hope Undaunted, A: A Novel (Winds of Change)
Book Review
Set in the late 1920’s A Hope Undaunted revolves around a spunky young lady – Katie O’Connor – who is a young woman with strong goals for her future that she will seemingly do anything to attain. But seeing herself through the eyes of someone from her past, someone she grew to loathe during her childhood, she suddenly isn’t so certain her life-plan is any longer what she really wants.  Katie’s character begins as someone who is shallow, self-centered, and pretty much spoiled. Her father is determined not to let her continue down that path, however, and through his ‘punishment’ for some of her selfish flaunting of the house-hold rules – she is put into a situation where she learns to think about others, but it doesn’t happen quickly.

This book covers a lot of ground. It is slightly over 500 pages long and covers a good chunk of time in the life of this young woman and her family. I found it to be nicely filled with historical detail – including the stock market crash and its effects on her well-to-do family – and even though it was a lengthy book I still didn’t want it to end.  (Yes, the characters were that good.) Will Katie include God’s goals for her life on her check-list for life success in the end? You’ll have to read it to find out.

Book Cover Review
This is one of those covers, that although attractive, I feel could have been stronger? The photo of the women, and her sense of style for hair and dress do fit the 1920’s but not overly so … And the background does not help to place her in history, but is merely filled with a golden wallpaper design.  At first glance I can’t tell if this is a historical, a murder mystery or what exactly?  The jaunty hip pose does help to depict this character is of a spunky attitude, but not much else is revealed by the cover and title.  Women drawn to strong female characters will likely still pick up this book without foreknowledge … but those who prefer historical novels over modern novels might look past this cover on the shelf.

4 thoughts on “Book & Cover Review of "A Hope Undaunted" by Julie Lessman”

  1. SUZANNE!!! Thank you SO much for this really great review — it blessed the socks off of me. And I gotta tell you that I LOVE the unique concept of reviewing both the book itself AND the cover — how clever and fun!!And HUGE KUDOS to you for assisting Dineen (LOVE that woman!) in the Carol and Genesis award logos — AWESOME!!! Now … if I can just win one, I'll be in good shape! ;)Hugs,Julie


  2. Hi Julie! So blessed to have you stop by and check out my review of your book. Really enjoyed reading it and will be looking for more books from you in the future! 🙂 Maybe you'll win a Carol award pin for the next installment in the Winds of Change? If you have interview questions regarding any book in this series or anything like that you would like me to share on the blog I'd be happy to any time.Have really enjoyed working with Dineen through ACFW (She IS awesome, isn't she?) It went so well we plan to do more design things together in 2011 as a team for ACFW. Can't wait!


  3. Yes, Dineen IS awesome, and congrats on your future plans of design for ACFW — talk about awesome — that organization has contributed SO much to my career (and my happiness as a writer!) that I cannot begin to express my gratitude. In fact, I wrote a Seekerville blog about my first ACFW conference where God did a supernatural work in me that blew me away. I have a link to it it listed on my website calendar because I reposted it as a "article for writers" a few months ago. Anyway, good luck on your designing AND writing career … I pray God's abundant blessings on both!And thank you for your kind offer to "share" things about AHU or this series on your blog, I am just winding down from a big promotion for the new series and am chomping to get away from interviews right now and back to writing. So if you don't mind, I would LOVE to take a rain check for that offer and maybe do an interview/giveaway next year with the release of book 2 in the "Winds of Change" series in Sept. 2011 if that's okay with you? However, I did want to let you know that since you have already posted your review of AHU on this blog, I am running a contest right now on my website for anyone that posts a review for any of my books (Daughters of Boston series and A Hope Undaunted) on either/both and The prize is signed copies of all four of my books and a $50 gift card, 1 chance per review posted, up to 8 chances to win. So if that appeals to you, I invite you to check it out on the contest tab of my website, okay? If not, however, no worries — I just appreciate you posting your great review here!Have a blessed weekend, Suzanne! Hugs, Julie


  4. Actually, I usually post my reviews (minus the cover review) on both of those sites. I hadn't posted this one yet, but I will certainly do that. I have only been an ACFW member for about a year and attended my first writer's conference in Indy last month. Such wonderful people and so inspiring! And my offer to share information about any of your books is always open. I have plans to post more 'extras' for many of my reviews in 2011. This first year I've been 'getting my feet wet' so-to-speak, and I hope to grow the blog and get wider exposure for the great books I get to read/review during its second year!Thanks again for commenting … and keep the great books coming! Blessings,Suzanne


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