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Book & Cover Review of "Hatteras Girl" by Alice J. Wisler

Hatteras Girl
Book Review
Hatteras Girl is a refreshingly quirky tale about a single lady, named Jackie Donovan, who has two big things she prays for regularly: for the right man to come into her life, and to own The Bailey House and run it as a B&B. The novel includes some funny blind date experiences and eventually some great romance. Happiness doesn’t come easily, or in the fashion the main character first expects it to, but when it all falls together – only God could have fit it together so perfectly.

The character of Jackie is somewhat naive, but loveable and endearing. There are also several secondary characters that add a lot of unique flavor to the storyline. The atmosphere of North Carolina’s Outer Banks beach community permeates the entire story.  (I SO wanted to visit a beach when I was done reading this story! And I’m nowhere near one …)

It is my opinion that this book would most appeal to women, especially single women, or women who have married later in life that can relate to the longing of unmet goals, and who can fully relate to the feelings of being left behind by friends and family who have found happiness and love when you are still longing for it.

Book Cover Review

My first thought when I saw this cover was ‘too bad this didn’t come out in the summer …’ The cover is very appealing as a summer, take it to the beach, sort of read. The photo chosen gives off a relaxed sense of fun – thanks to the rolled up jeans, skin caked with sand, and bright pink toenail polish … And it also helps to establish the setting.  You can just barely make out some beach-front property at the top of the cover.  The lady’s pose is one of relaxation and ease. She seems like a native, just due to clothing choices and posture. I do like that they drew the bright pink toenail color into the title of the book as well … but I do wish that they had done just a tiny bit more to make it stand out? Perhaps a a stylized header, maintaining the pink color, including some shell-like or flowing-water embellishments?  The photo will definitely draw people in – especially people longing for the beach this winter – but the title gets a little lost, even though it is in bright pink.

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