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Book & Cover Review of "Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball" by Donita K. Paul

Front cover image for Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball
Book Review 5 Star Rating
If anyone is still looking for a last minute Christmas gift, or a good way to spend some Christmas money … this creative novella is a fun, Christmas spirit-filled read. Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball is set in the modern world – well sort of. The characters are modern day, but a great deal of the plot takes place in a small,hidden away, pocket of shops with a quaint old-world feel. The various shop keepers are odd, eccentric and lovable characters who seem to know a great deal more about their customers than they should?  And every year the matchmaking shop keepers host an old-fashioned Christmas Ball for the matches they’ve decided to bring together. It’s called the Wizard’s Christmas Ball … but the shopkeepers aren’t really wizards, right?

This is a very fun, light read – full of holiday spirit and Christian introspection – as well as a little magical romance. I feel it would be best suited to readers who are already Christians and likely women will find it more appealing than men.

Book Cover Review 5 Star Rating
The cover of this book is one of my favorites from 2010.  The creative design matches the interior writing beautifully. Even the font chosen eludes to the creativity and magical spirit of the story within. The ticket illustration not only matches well to a main element of the story, but also helps to draw appropriate attention to the title within the cover design.  The antiqued yellow color blends well with the Christmas light lit cityscape behind the title and also fits well with the antique nature of the various shops putting on the Wizard’s Christmas Ball. The whole story, including the first impression brought on by the cover seem to offer a step away from reality – to a creative and magical Christmas that won’t soon be forgotten.

* This book was provided by the publisher, Waterbrook Multnomah, for review.

2 thoughts on “Book & Cover Review of "Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball" by Donita K. Paul”

  1. I missed this comment because of the busy-ness of the day. Thank you for stopping by. I loved the book so much I read it twice and then gave it to my mom as part of her Christmas present. I know she'll love it too. Hope you have more great stories like it up your sleeve for 2011!


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