Book & Cover Reviewer is back! Would you like me to review a cover for YOU?

Image: Jeroen van Oostrom / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

OK so probably no one noticed but me, but I didn’t post a single review in September or October. Unfortunately I was scheduled to review at least 3 books during that time and due to one illness after another I fell behind on absolutely everything. (Did you know you could get hand, foot & mouth disease as an adult? I had NO idea! And that was just the start of it … ) Anyway, I am finally feeling healthy and also back on track with things. I apologize to all publishers and authors whose reviews I did not get posted on time. I will be posting multiple reviews this month to make that up to everyone in what small way I can!

I’m also brainstorming ways to make this blog of more benefit to authors and publishers. One idea I have is to offer cover reviews prior to publication. Whether you are a royalty-pay publisher or a self-publishing author I hope that my insight into design and market reach will be of some benefit. Because we are all strapped for cash these days I am trying to find a way to offer this service on a by donation basis rather than charging a set fee. These reviews will be private (unless you want me to publish them) and will hopefully serve as a tool to help you either during the cover design process or after as insight into why a book is or isn’t selling as planned off the shelf.

If anyone has input into this idea please either comment or send me a direct e-mail at suzanne@suzannewesley.com

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