Book & Cover Review of "Voices of the Faithful – Book 2"

Book Review
Voices of the Faithful – Book 2: Inspiring Stories of Courage from Christians Serving Around the World is an inspiring daily devotional. The insights given by these Christians who are or have previously been active in the mission field abroad are eye opening. Each devotion is only a single page or less and easy to include in a daily routine. I found them to be a great way to focus my prayers on the greater world and to be thankful for what I have. Because the series was created by Beth Moore I am guessing that their target audience was intended to largely be Christian women. However, I do believe that men of prayer would also enjoy the devotional even if they aren’t the primary target audience. The themes of the devotions are largely universal and several are written by men. This collection would make a great gift for the holiday season – just in time to start devotion #1 on January 1st.

Book Cover Review
The design of the cover is what first drew my attention to this book. My eye was drawn to  the faux layering and the textural appeal of the cover design. It has the look of a much-used journal. It’s pages are ragged and held together with what appears to be twine. Yet, over the top of these ragged edges a feminine scrollwork with flowing floral patterns is overlayed making it more likely to appeal to women than men. The font used for the title also lends to the feeling of a hand-written journal, both flowing and textural, as though it has been scratched through the top layer of paper with a calligraphy pen. 

The second thing I noticed on the cover was the familiar name of Beth Moore – though she really only writes an insightful introduction to kick start the devotional her well-known name no doubt has caught the attention of other potential readers. This is an appealing cover that is well-designed – especially since there was more than the average amount of text to be fit onto it and still maintain readability and focus. Additionally there are two other books in this series and they have all been made with a similar look so that they are easily recognizable as a series should you want to read more when you finish one of them.

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