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Book & Cover Review of "The Muir House" by Mary DeMuth

Book Review

In The Muir House Willa Muir is haunted by her memories … well, actually it’s more the lack of memory that she is haunted by. There is entire section of her childhood that seems to be wiped clean. Even Willa knows she is a little obsessed by this, but she can’t seem to move on until she unravels the truth.

What I really loved about this novel, was that it seemed more true to life about relationships and how messy they are than they are usually handled in fiction. The female protagonist is confused about just about every relationship she’s ever had, including her own parents. For this reason the author’s characters came across as being very authentic and believable.

This was a contemporary novel, largely set in a suburb of Texas. Full of wonderful southern detail. I feel this novel would appeal most to women, particularly those who don’t feel their lives would ever fit in the category of a fairy tale come true.

Book Cover Review

I have really liked several of the covers from Mary’s other books but must admit that this one doesn’t appeal to me. The only thing I get from the front is that due to the way the woman is dressed it is likely a contemporary novel. Neither the rusty background or the barely visible house really pull me in? I’m not sure on first glance if this is supposed to be about a haunted house, a dim memory, or what? It is only via the back cover text that I get pulled in as a reader. And the back cover design of rusted tin plating doesn’t really add anything attractive either … and after reading it I’m not sure why all the rust was used? It just doesn’t seem to quite fit the story, and I am a designer who normally LOVES my grungy textures. I unfortunately feel that this book would sell better with a different cover. Thankfully, this author has at least four books under her belt and many who know who wonderful writing will grab it up anyway!

* This book was received from the author for review.

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