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Book & Cover Review of "The Queen" by Steven James

 Book Review

FBI Special Agent, Patrick Bowers is back in another non-stop action suspense novel The Queen. Bestselling author Steven James managed to keep me up all night reading once again. Though this book is 516 pages long it won’t feel like it because you won’t be able to put it down.

The personal and professional life of the main character get very complicated as he tries to track down a violent serial killer in northern Wisconsin. Each of Steven’s books in this series also tackles a larger moral issue. In this book he tackles one so complicated that at one point he is sort of working ‘with’ the killer … sort of. You’ll have to read it to find out why and how!

I found this novel to be less graphic than the previous one, but still involving the major issues of murder, motive and morals in a very real way that will touch the reader. As a woman I still enjoyed this novel, but I do feel that men would enjoy it equally if not more.

Book Cover Review

Each of the covers in the Patrick Bowers Thriller series features a chess piece. In this cover the Queen piece has been left discarded in the snow – which is very fitting for this novel because most of it occurs during a terrible storm deep in Wisconsin. The hint of frozen tree limbs at the edges of the cover help to convey the sense of deep cold and isolation that is prevalent in this book.

The large, embossed title matches well with the suspense style of cover. Especially given that this is the fifth book of the series the title will likely be as recognizable as the author by readers on the hunt for the next book.

The publisher has also smartly included the fact that the author is a best seller right under the author’s name – and included the title of the first book of the series. With any luck bookstore browsers will then locate the first book and ‘have’ to read the entire series from start to finish. I additionally feel that the quote from an actual retired FBI agent is a smart idea. It suggests that Steven James has done his homework and created a very ‘real’ story line that even a real FBI agent would call it “a masterpiece”.

The book cover appears simple at first glance but is very calculated and well-designed once you analyze all the pieces. Well done!

* This book was received by the publisher for review. An interview with the author can be found at the following link

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