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Book & Cover Review of "The Director's Cut" by Janice Thompson

Book Review

‘The Director’s Cut’ is book 3 of the Backstage Pass series by Janice Thompson. I have read other books by Janice Thompson, but none in this series. Despite not having read the first two books of this series I had no problem enjoying this book as a stand alone. Janice is excellent at creating believable characters who are quirky and full of life. This series occurs on the set of an award winning sitcom where the stories off screen are just as interesting as the ones that make it onto the screen.

Tia Morales, director extraordinaire, has a love life and family life full of humor … and frustration. Tia likes to keep life on the set of her sitcom, Stars Collide, nice and orderly – the complete opposite of her life off the set. Tia is the golden child in a pretty dysfunctional Hispanic American family. She has always felt pressured to help her family members … even though they tend to cause chaos in her life every time she does. This is an entertaining read, and I believe sitcom loving women will particularly love it.

Book Cover Review

The front cover design is modern, and a little flirtatious due to the hot pink stilettos on the woman sitting in the director’s chair. The white on black cover seems backlit by a stage light, very appropriate for a book that primarily occurs on a stage set. I am a little surprised that they didn’t also choose to use varnish or embossing to make the title stand out a little more? (Varnish or white embossing always looks so classy on large areas of black.)

The back cover is also pretty saucy feeling with the hot pink and black panels. However, the smaller white text is a bit hard to read on the pink areas and might have been more legible in black overprinted text. The larger text, including the author’s name, is fine. Font choices are also done well on this attractive cover.

* This book was provided by Revell for review.

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