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Book & Cover Review of "Life with Lily" by Kinsinger and Fisher


Front Cover of Life with Lily 










Back Cover design of Life with Lily

Book Review

Life with Lily by Mary Ann Kinsinger and Suzanne Woods Fisher is an endearing story, centering on the daily life of a little Amish girl named Lily Lapp and her family. The book is written for young children,  – those just beyond picture-book age. I read the first few chapters aloud to my 6-year-old and 4-year-old daughters. My oldest was the most interested, as she is old enough to listen for longer spans of time and can picture the story in her mind. My youngest was more interested in seeing the photo at the beginning of each chapter, and I’m not sure how much she paid attention during the reading of the chapter.

My oldest child enjoyed it more. Her main comment was “she’s like a little girl that grew up a long time ago.” We’ve visited a historic village with our children in the last year, and I think she was picturing that village from ‘a long time ago’ when she was listening to me. (No electricity, lots of animals etc.) She was fascinated to learn about Lily, and through her what it was like
to be a little girl growing up Amish (much like it was to grow up a long time ago, but not quite).

Example illustration

The book is composed of 39 chapters, and each chapter can be read as an individual story. Each chapter builds upon the other into an over-arching story, but has a satisfying short storyline of its own. The stories involve Amish life, animal care, friendships, siblings, school, gardening and much more. They are told in such a way that the child learns about the Amish life, yet there are many things about the story that the child can still relate to.

A great read for ages 6 and up, particularly for girls.

Book Cover Review

The model chosen to represent Lily Lapp for the cover is adorable. Her smile is welcoming, and the red barn in the background will help to attract children interested in ‘farm’ or ‘animal’ stories. A beautiful sunny day, and the attractive child in what my young children saw as an odd dress-up outfit from a long time ago will intrigue them to hear or read the story for themselves.

The only negative I have about this cover is very knit-picky. The shadows used behind the title and some larger text areas is a little too difused. I wish it was a little sharper of a shadow to add depth, rather than to make the edges just seem fuzzy and undefined. But that is really looking close at it, and from afar it is not very noticeable. The cover will attract the kids and their parents or grandparents just fine the way it is.

* This book was received from the publisher for review. Available October 2012  at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.


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