I don’t need another bookmark

True confession … I don’t often use the actual bookmarks people gift me with. I know. I’m feeling guilty right now for all the hand-colored ones given me by my two girls for Mother’s Day over the last half dozen years or more. Frankly, I was too afraid I’d lose them!

Additionally, I find myself reading books in digital format on my phone or tablet more than half the time, so though adorable, paper bookmarks aren’t always a match for my needs.  I don’t usually need a book light because I read digitally either.

If I am reading a printed book I confess that I more often than not just grab whatever is at hand to hold my place. Whether that’s a restaurant napkin, a recently paid, household bill or one of the thousands of other papers my kiddos bring home from school … any of those things gets used more frequently than a real bookmark, I’m afraid. [I never dog-ear pages, or crack spines if I can help it though!]

However, these socks are currently on my wish list. Aren’t they fun?

Shh! I'm Reading Socks

How about you? If you are a fellow reading addict, what is one of your favorite reading-inspired gifts? Also feel free to share a pic of something on your wish list.

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