My name is Suzanne Wesley.  I am a professional graphic artist . . . and a fiction addict.

Yup. I readily admit that I just can’t read enough. I also sneak in writing fiction of my own when I get a chance.

My favorite genres of fiction to read are Christian fiction and YA (young adult), which I also read and review for several major trade publishers.

I have also completed the Christian Writer’s Guild Apprentice level writing program, and have been an active member of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) since 2009. I get just as much satisfaction helping other authors learn their craft and promote their books as I get from any steps I take toward improving, and [God willing] one day publishing, my own stories.

And, if you are an author, I’d love to help you!

Use the contact tab to connect with me. I also love brainstorming sessions if you aren’t sure of what you need, or if you are seeking something ‘beyond the norm’ to make your book stand out from the crowd!

If you have arrived at this site because you are also a rabid reader, I’m so excited you found your way here. Please join in the discussion and add your two cents on any books you have also read, or would like to add to your stash!