Book & Cover Reviewer is back! Would you like me to review a cover for YOU?

Image: Jeroen van Oostrom / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

OK so probably no one noticed but me, but I didn’t post a single review in September or October. Unfortunately I was scheduled to review at least 3 books during that time and due to one illness after another I fell behind on absolutely everything. (Did you know you could get hand, foot & mouth disease as an adult? I had NO idea! And that was just the start of it … ) Anyway, I am finally feeling healthy and also back on track with things. I apologize to all publishers and authors whose reviews I did not get posted on time. I will be posting multiple reviews this month to make that up to everyone in what small way I can!

I’m also brainstorming ways to make this blog of more benefit to authors and publishers. One idea I have is to offer cover reviews prior to publication. Whether you are a royalty-pay publisher or a self-publishing author I hope that my insight into design and market reach will be of some benefit. Because we are all strapped for cash these days I am trying to find a way to offer this service on a by donation basis rather than charging a set fee. These reviews will be private (unless you want me to publish them) and will hopefully serve as a tool to help you either during the cover design process or after as insight into why a book is or isn’t selling as planned off the shelf.

If anyone has input into this idea please either comment or send me a direct e-mail at suzanne@suzannewesley.com


Why review a book's cover and its interior?

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover … ?
I think we all know this phrase doesn’t generally have anything to do with books when people use it. However, I find that there is a VERY good reason that phrase came into being …

Have you ever read an absolutely fantastic book – either loaned or recommended to you by someone else – whose cover design was so blah or ugly that you probably would have looked right past it on a shelf?

On the other hand, … have you ever felt suckered in by a book’s cover design – discovering after a few lost hours of invested reading that the writing inside wasn’t nearly as good as what was seemingly promised you by the book’s great cover art or text?

If so, “The Book and Cover Reviewer” blog is for you. I will analyze both the writing inside the book and all aspects of the books cover – noting areas that could be improved and areas that I think should be praised as is.

I promise to be honest, but also promise to not tear anyone down and leave them crying. Books take a LOT of behind-the-scenes work, and I’m a firm believer in adding a little sugar to the mix if some sour critiquing is overdue. I want to see the industry thrive and to encourage authors and cover designers to always do their best – and to keep the intended audience in mind!

And for readers, I hope that I can guide you to books that you will love to read – even ones that you might have overlooked before, because the cover happens to be a little … ‘off’.

Happy reading!